Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Transformation Tuesday...Sweet Little Nightstand

A few posts ago, I told you about a mini room makeover I did.  Painted the walls a deep chocolaty-grey brown, new bedding and changed my armoir from black to a funky turquoise.

2013-01-24_09-51-24_48 photo 2013-01-24_09-51-24_48-1_zpsa431a49c.jpg

Well this black nightstand has been BUGGING me!
(Most all of the black pieces in my house are...feeling a major painting overhaul coming on.)  (Yes, you are seeing a missing knob on the top drawer of my armoir...I sold a piece a while ago that needed it.  Mine matched perfectly and I took it off...just keeping it real...telling the truth people!)

oldwhite_zps4c0c44b7 photo oldwhite_zps4c0c44b7-1_zpsc8b11f13.jpg

I started with my favorite staple...Annie Sloan Old White.

A nice light coat...evenly painted with a brush.  Honestly, I wasn't sure what color (if any) I was going to do next.  I knew the black nightstand didn't work in the room...not sure if I wanted white either?  So...I walked away during the drying time (quick) and thought about it.  Thinking about it during laundry, cleaning, playing...blah, blah...blah..

parisgreystep_zps03936e17 photo parisgreystep_zps03936e17-1_zps88221902.jpg

So a deeper, richer color was needed...Annie Sloan Paris Grey.

Another light, even coat of this AS Paris Grey over the Old White...I think this will work just fine.  (Do you notice I am painting this in our bedroom this whole time?  This paint is so easy to work with and the distressing part is used with a warm, wet mess!)

distress2_zps594c9c75 photo distress2_zps594c9c75-1_zps64104bde.jpg

A little distressing to bring the colors out and add character. (I have found that rubbing the opposite way I painted...helps to reveal the under color better.  Try it!)

I try to distress in areas that would naturally get wear.  If you get too crazy and start distressing seems, um...well, a little OVERDONE!!  The selling point on this Annie Sloan paint for me was the distressing part.  Not that I dislike sanders and sand paper...but, honestly wetting a rag with warm water just seemed...well, easier?!?!    Less mess.  Less dust.  Ok...sold.

wax_zpscaac5990 photo wax_zpscaac5990-1_zps96ab44b2.jpg

Annie Sloan Clear Wax...and a clean, lint free rag are my next tools.

I just smear a small amount of wax on my rag...and worked it right into the chalk paint. you don't have to let it dry too hour or so.  Mine got to dry over it was time to make dinner, give baths...bedtime.  It won't hurt it to stay on longer.

Then I came back with a different, clean and lint free rag...and with some elbow greased...buffed it to a perfect light shine.  Santa brought me a power buffer for BIG really can't work the wax in properly without it.  
grey nightstand 2 photo greynightstand2_zpsce8c5c1e.jpg

distress2_zps594c9c75 photo distress2_zps594c9c75-1_zps64104bde.jpg

I have one other nightstand in this room to transform...later this week.  Check back for pictures of that!  Find a project to tackle and transform...start small or big, either way...just start!


Love & Junk~


  1. Love your painted up night stand, and the distressing is fabulous!! Thanks for sharing!

    1. Thank you Jane! I am working on another on my hubby's side of the bed...stay tuned!

      Have a great weekend!