Friday, February 15, 2013

Furniture Friday....Funky Magazine Table

I was a little excited when I found this table.  So excited...that I jumped right in painting it and forgot to take my "before" pictures.  You will get a "during" picture here....

 photo 6a776454-b325-4a6b-93de-c500d8db0d05_zpsa81120dd.jpg
I found this table from a friend...she found it at a yard sale and didn't want it.  Mine...thank you!

I started by cleaning it really well...wiping all the dirt and grime out of the grooves in the legs.  Then gave her a nice coat of Annie Sloan Chalk Paint in Florence.  Let that dry well and came back and distressed it lightly with a warm, clean wet rag.  Off to let that dry well...laundry calling my name!

wax_zpscaac5990 photo wax_zpscaac5990-1_zps96ab44b2.jpg

Next, I put on an even coat of Annie Sloan Clear Wax....this only has to sit for at least 30 minutes.  I had a closets to clean it sat for a couple of harm done.  I always come back and buff with a clean, lint free cloth...elbow grease needed!

 photo a8ea6ee4-d162-4a46-9158-f73965458615_zps008caff8.jpg
After working the wax in well...I am left with a nice, rich shine!

 photo 556d0aca-ef89-424f-9e03-c33fbdc22c98_zps03ed0a47.jpg
Just enough distressing...for an authentic worn look.

 photo 33c440e4-a461-4901-b3d0-30ca2126752e_zps80f1fd0c.jpg
I love the legs on this...

 photo 98ac9ddb-efbf-48ed-bc0e-2a6974bd5abf_zps7f1c03c9.jpg

This picture made me nutso!!!!  I have o idea why it is so fuzzy...tried everything.  Oh well, I love this little table...not sure whether I am going to let her go or not!

I hope you have a fabulous Friday!  My girls and I are headed to the park to play with some friends and have a little lunch!

Love & Junk~

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