Thursday, February 28, 2013

This Ol' House Thursday..."Lighten Up Part 446!"

I know, I know...I am STILL working on lightening up our living room.  There is a bit of embarrassment that comes with me what this chest of drawers looked like before.  Ewwwww, Julie, really?  I allowed this to be in our house...ick!    

I painted this a flat (super flat) black YEARS AGO...probably about 8-10 years ago.  You can see the scratches on the knobs...those were from a border collie puppy, Milo I had before we were married.

We finally moved this to the living room to house DVD's, exercise stuff and whatever else I need to stash in there if someone is on there way over.  Right?  We call it "storage" but, it is really "stash-age!"
So, I started with an all over coat of Annie Sloan Old White...I knew I wasn't going to keep it that color...but, it was a good start to cover up that black.  (Ewww.)

I gave you a sneak peek last week of my Annie Sloan Chalk Paint concoction...I mixed
 Florence, Paris Grey and Old White.  I would say I mixed equal parts...maybe a little heavier on the Florence...just by a couple of spoonfuls.  (I know, spoonfuls...VERY scientific around here!)

Mixed it up REALLY WELL!  

I put my AS concoction right over the Old went on well and covered perfectly.  

I stood back and wondered what I had done.  
Maybe I should have left it black...just cleaning it up a bit?

 Letting that dry for an hour or so...then I came back with my warm, wet rag and distressed the edges.  Immediately, I fell in LOVE with this piece.  The black and white showing through the distressing...this was EASILY becoming my new favorite piece!  

It is hard to see the color because we have a HUGE window with a ton of sunlight beaming in on it.

 photo 3596c075-dde3-4e53-84a4-83f181f335a5_zps075bc525.jpg

 photo 75680af0-aaea-4c25-94b3-2f29881dec6b_zpsea9c0f93.jpg

 photo bbd99d08-ff32-4054-bbb9-316aecdcd074_zpse5f7fcf8.jpg

All done...and if you give a girl a cute turquoise chest of drawers...she is probably gonna........

have me an "ah hah" moment.  Here is a hint at what I did next.........

Tomorrow I will show you what I painted with my very OWN chalk-like paint recipe.  It worked SO WELL...I am HOOKED!!!

Love & Junk~

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Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Dairy Wife Wednesday...Birth of Twins!

It's a sweet life...(especially when it is homemade ice cream every week in the summer) and I am thankful we live it!

Last Friday night was a "wild and crazy" home with our girls...just kidding.  Just a few weeks ago my husband and I DID have a fun Friday night at a George Strait concert!  We still get out and have fun every now and then.  But, this time...a little bit of playing around the dairy and a pizza party at home with our girls was fun!

The girls were busy riding the four wheeler around our house with their, I snuck off to the maternity barn (just across the street from our house.)  Hanging out over here never gets boring for us.  Our girls are lucky to have watched their daddy help cows and heifers deliver calves...clearing their nose to help them take their first breath.  So special.

I walked up...just in time!  
This was calf #2 making her debut...yep, twins! 
 Not very common that twins are born and make it...but, these did just fine.  My husband has great guys that work for him, one of them was there making sure this cow and her calves were doing well and that everything was going smoothly.

This is calf #1...she is sweetly waiting for her sister.  Though she is laying down, do you know that a calf will usually be able to stand within minutes of being born?  

Calf #2 again...their little heads are so wobbly and cute!  (I think she is giving me the "really?" look.)

Momma doing her job and getting her second calf all cleaned up.

This is the look I got from the's as if she is telling me I have taken enough pictures and can leave now.  Point taken...Bessy, I am outta here!

I bought a "new to me" camera from a friend...a Nikon and got a FABULOUS deal!  So, of course I think I am a photographer now (just kidding) and I am taking every opportunity to learn how to use it.  I caught this beautiful sunset as I was leaving the maternity barn.

I caught this beautiful sunset...and our beautiful Natalie practicing her cartwheels in the front yard.
Fun Friday night for us!

Love & Junk~

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Transformation Tuesday...Drop Cloth Ottoman Slipcover (simple!)

I am STILL on a  mission to transform our living room.
Yep...more of the removal of ALL OF THE DARK's outta here! 

 photo 05072f70-de7c-476e-9cac-11173deee283_zpsf4b5685e.jpg

There really isn't anything wrong with this ottoman.  The leather is in great condition, it is a beautiful color...and the lid lifts up to store our games.  But, you guessed is dark brown and I am wanting to cover it temporarily.  I LOVE dark things in the fall and winter...just not this time of year.  I decided a quick and inexpensive slip cover made from drop cloth will fit the bill!

Warning:  This is NOT a technical tutorial.  NONE of mine are.  My tutorials and step-by-steps are fast, easy to understand and can all be done DURING NAP TIME!!!  Yeah for nap time projects!

I started by washing and drying the drop cloth.  Then, I just draped it UPSIDE DOWN over the ottoman and pinned the corners as you see above.  When I sewed this...this created a nice edge...then flip it the right way to continue working.

 photo 558fe0e1-a1cf-4c2a-a46a-27d3a9813641_zps659c9c99.jpg

Just another picture of pinning the corners...

 photo dd0cd14c-c7e6-437f-9928-684c5a5114ba_zps713ee4b2.jpg

I sewed these corners...making sure my ends are hemmed well because I plan on washing this slipcover. (I don't want to be the mom that doesn't allow a PB&J or popcorn to be eaten in the living room.  My girls like to have "picnics" on rainy days do I!)
 I also ran along the bottom of the slipcover and made a nice hem.  This will be a hem/seam that is over the ruffle for a nice and finished look.  

 photo 20004628-c00d-406a-81b4-c32244ee34ea_zps2ef74811.jpg

Here, you can see the nice and clean edge.
(Not thrilled with this photo...I didn't realize the only one I had was this one...oops!)

 photo 3a2fb950-f554-4936-b5b8-7ecbb33d8cf2_zpsd993a5e3.jpg

Brace yourself...I didn't measure!  Nope, you know I more often than not, have to work fast. 
I eyeball A LOT...and do not mind, one bit...a slight imperfection in something for myself or my home.  When filling orders for others...I stress like a crazy lady for perfection!

You can see I just folded the drop cloth, making a pleat... and pinned it to the inside of the top of the slip cover.  That's it...easy.

I cut about a 5 inch strip along the edge of the drop cloth that already had a seam sewn.  You may need to have a wider or thinner strip for your ruffle...depending on how high your ottoman is.  

 photo 8167b0e5-2d05-4529-a889-0ba17f95cb66_zps31d3a4a0.jpg

Just pin the pleated part you made on the ruffle piece to the inside of the top of the you see above.

 photo f6b57097-1ee0-45f4-80b3-f703f1d626b2_zps0779109f.jpg

Keep doing so all the way around.  I said earlier...I don't measure...and I think that adds character!

 photo 19ddd721-1250-43a7-a6e9-b58ee51083a8_zps9b99ff7c.jpg

Next, I sewed my ruffle piece on...making sure that the top piece of the ottoman cover sat over the ruffle piece.  Remember, this will give you a nice, clean and finished look.

 photo 40723007-3755-4dbd-aafc-0175396153ba_zps5acf02d2.jpg

I LOVE burlap...and I am working on a burlap ribbon to sew over the seam around the edge.  I also want to make a few little rose buds out of my hemp twine...just not sure if the burlap will wash well?  That is why I am hesitating...and running a load in the washer right now of a mock slipcover with burlap.  We will see...

 photo b7ef65dc-a334-4eb1-a273-83945c3e9ab1_zpse91b1385.jpg

If I do sew it is an idea of what I am thinking.  What do you think?

 photo 9aef6638-3468-4a80-80d6-f2fd9d833295_zps8a35c5df.jpg

All done...washable, light and airy for Spring!

 photo c02ae639-23c7-48d2-8508-37ff39afc6d8_zpsc39ac815.jpg

The girls and I tossed some pillow covers on the couch made with the matching drop cloth.  I am not finished with them yet...I think I am going to do a French Grain Sack stencil...or our monogram.  
I am also ready now to add in some apple green...not too girly, my hubby doesn't like too girly!

I couldn't take the, I added a little burlap for cuteness!

Boring burlap-y cute!

Ta da!

 photo 55bef174-38af-47f1-95af-7765d2442425_zpsd5650c38.jpg

Lots of work to do still...have a fabulous day!

Love & Junk~

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