Monday, February 11, 2013

Motivation For Your Monday...Operation Spring Cleaning!

One room at a time!  Yep, tackle it one room at a time.  Sometimes...even one drawer or cabinet at a time!  Everything can use a little re-organization and cleaning...but, if you allow yourself to think of ALL of it at will defeat yourself before you even start!

A week or so ago...I showed you my office/sewing room that was,, a DISASTER AREA!  My husband helped me rearrange my work table in there to better use my small space.  It is not all...but, I am making it work FOR ME!

My corner desk was not going to get moved (according to my hubby!)  So, I took EVERYTHING out of the cabinets and drawers and started over.  I ONLY put back what I use regularly on the desk space (my over sized clothespin with bills, bin with important papers and that is about it.)  Same thing with the cabinets...only things I use and the rest went in my filing cabinet.  Old files came out of the filing cabinet and went into a shredder!

Some times a simple furniture rearranging and gutting of junk drawers an cabinets is all you need.  My small space feels like it is working better for me now...and feels MUCH more open!

My girls' closet is next on the chopping block.  This is a pretty good sized closet...but, I am wasting space.  The top shelf is littered with stuff just shoved in there.  No more...garbage bags went in there today...and let me just say...the yard sale pile is getting BIGGER!

I hope you have projects to tackle this week...feels good to get them started and DONE!  Have a great week!

Love & Junk~

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