Thursday, February 7, 2013

This Ol' House Thursday....A Little Valentine Mantle LoVE!

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This fireplace is one of the reasons I married my husband.  Joking aside...I LOVE it!  When we were first dating and I saw this farmhouse and the brick (the back of this is brick and a full wall in my kitchen...I KNOW!) is January and after the EXPLOSION of Christmas decorations are packed mantle,  I have been clearing the clutter EVERYWHERE, I was just living with a boring mantle.  My oldest and I had a project during the little one's nap!

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Boring Mantle Makeover...Valentine LoVE!  No sewing, no measuring (WHAT??)...just grab what you have and go.  Keep It Simple Sweetie!

What you need:

 photo 4f50ea45-b838-4601-a9f4-240520a1f710_zpsb61b7d42.jpg
Twine, string...yarn...whatever!  I have this HEMP twine...bought it at WalMart and love it.

 photo 8c91778a-8e07-49ea-80ec-85cf77895c43_zps859965b6.jpg
Burlap...just enough to make the banner cutouts.  Just cut how many you want...(we did five...I am weird about odd numbers) into whatever shape: rectangles, squares...or pendant like ours.  I didn't een measure..."gasp!"

 photo 7c3b4ae2-10fc-4ec3-b2e3-dd25545273d2_zpsee9723ac.jpg
Grab your glue gun (I said no sewing...easy!) and scissors.  Notice the labeling on mine...DO NOT use mom's fabric scissors on anything else in this house!  

 photo f90b6707-52b4-45be-8276-ef1fd5e7f3c0_zps6146f874.jpg
Scrap Fabric...yep, use what you have!  I was talking to my friend yesterday she said she didn't have any fabric (WHAT???)  I told her to grab an old sheet, pillow case or an old baby outfit (AW!) and save the rest for other projects  Problem solved!

 photo faeadd74-9e4e-498b-ba98-008f4bc927a4_zps8dc442a7.jpg
Can you see how I just set the twin on the burlap?  Then I hit it with some hot glue gun glue...folded it over and sealed it, making a little tube around the twine.

 photo IMG_4456_zpsd3f10fe6.jpg
Next:  take your scrap fabric (or whatever you found) and my four year old cut out hearts.  Okay...I helped her a bit!  Glue them on with your glue gun...and press them down.  I love my assistant's chubby little hands!  (YIKES...she needs a manicure today!)

 photo 1d94e737-1ae2-4c91-80c5-ab06915d769a_zps92f68fbc.jpg

Simple and sweet...rustic and handmade.  Fits my home perfectly!

 photo ddcec212-aa94-4455-967a-c04937babce2_zps948e2daa.jpg

 photo 96929b4e-9410-4860-b911-27e5f366b5db_zps9337c54d.jpg

 photo IMG_4467_zps3dcc40f4.jpg
The scrap fabric we used...matches our Valentine's Day pillows on the couch...

 photo IMG_4468_zps3cd3dd15.jpg

The rest of the mantle was honestly a "let's see what we have around here to doll this mantle up a bit.." project.  I have a reeeeeaaaaalllllllllyyyyyyyy   long's almost like two!  So, I had to get over the "nothing is centered" issue I had.  Who cares?  It gives me more space.  Maybe you have an awkward what you can and then use the left or right side to create another focal point.

 photo IMG_4498_zps9e44eca6.jpg

On this side...I balance with things I found around the house (shop your OWN house, right?)  We found pictures, candy jars (yes, the M & M's are getting low!) and a candle pillar found in a cabinet in my office.

 photo IMG_4486-Copy_zpsb306bd07.jpg
That chalkboard is an old picture frame with a picture of a fisherman (I painted right over it with chalkpaint...) and my sister made that candy dish!

 photo d869018e-89ad-4999-a2c7-065b945b7447_zps30bbce0d.jpg

These two canvases were shoved in the top of the girls' closet (old project...I didn't like once I started it.)  The pink one was, I just stenciled LOVE right over it in white and voila!  The red and white stripe...was a yellow and white stripe.  Easy to fix...

 photo d339fa2a-8cad-453b-8195-6d72d659d041_zps9dcd2bef.jpg

I taped over the white part, leaving the yellow exposed.

 photo 9cc47a9c-c232-4795-bdeb-33a1ec6f6fc5_zps59379ae6.jpg
Covered that in a good coat of red acrylic paint.

 photo a305a505-99e2-4d15-8cd3-b0acaa5b21f1_zpsaa9bd26b.jpg
Here is the stencil...white paint and that's it!

 photo IMG_4490-Copy_zps010fbcbd.jpg
I like things different heights ad, I grabbed an extra cookbook holder and put the red and white canvas displayed on it.  I set a picture from our wedding day in front...cute!

That's it!  Just scrounged around my house and used what we had.  No money spent...but, we will need to head to the store for more M & M's!  This definitely is NOT the fanciest mantle...but, my four year old and I did it together.  That, my friends is the most important part of this project.
 I hope you tackle a project soon...sure feels good!

Love & Junk~

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  1. So cute & simple! Love it! Thanks for stopping by my blog earlier!!

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    1. It HAS to be simple around here...and fast, if I want to get anything done with a 4 and 1 year old!

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