Thursday, February 14, 2013

This ol' House Thursday...Happy Valentine's Day!

XOXO  Happy Valentine's Day!!!  XOXO

 photo 67fba9e8-e1f0-44fb-badd-be28cd8c8dfe_zps9fe96df9.jpg
This is our girls' very own chalkboard in their room...our oldest writes notes to the baby on very sweet!  This morning I had it in the kitchen with a Valentine's Day wish for us all...

 photo 7218cad5-0cdc-42d7-8603-627c392319f5_zps92e7d13f.jpg
This is my sweet little love bug butterfly my preschooler made my husband and I...too cute!

 photo 21f123de-5dc3-41b8-9186-fac80487ecbc_zpsd56d6ac4.jpg
Sweet little butterfly!  I am headed out the door to her preschool party much fun!  I ran out of time for those ooey-gooey home made rocky road brownies (don't time!)  So, I pulled off a close 2nd...

 photo e0670714-ff6b-4bdd-a478-71902480acb1_zpsf7f19a13.jpg
This boxed brownie mix is hands down  our FAVORITE!  I think 29 minutes is the more and no less!  To doll these up a bit...grab a heart cookie cutter and powdered sugar in a sifter.

 photo b8b6d706-6641-4e74-8b47-75b9d6c72e02_zpsbeabeafe.jpg

Cut out little hearts...perfect bite sized brownies!

 photo 816fc836-eb94-4284-958c-454b69d3c7f8_zps84c05647.jpg
Sprinkle with powdered sugar...instantly cute little treat for Valentine's Day!

I hope your day (and each and everyday) is filled with LOVE!!!

Love & Junk~

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  1. Adorable and sweet Julie!
    Featuring these tonight!
    Thanks for sharing!

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