Friday, March 1, 2013

Furniture Friday...My OWN Chalk-Like Paint Experiment...SUCCESS!

So, yesterday's post...led to this.  I simply can't afford to buy all of the Annie Sloan...and if I am being honest, I like making something myself (duh!)  Out to my garage...where my vault of paint is (wow, I have a lot of paint.)  So...I am turning ALL of those cans into chalk-like paint.  It is easy and I found it to work really well.

Here is what I did:

1.  Mix 1 cup of latex paint...whatever brand/color...
2.  2 TBSP of UnSanded Grout (tile isle of hardware store)
3.  Mix your unsanded grout with a TINY amount of water to form a paste
4.  Mix your grout paste in your paint...mix WELL
That's it!  It works the same as the EXPENSIVE stuff.  Keep covered in an airtight container for a few may need to mix in a tiny bit of water each time you use it.

 photo dd4c331b-247d-4799-b403-3694dd8bc30e_zps22a7f21b.jpg

Here it looks a little more green here than it is in person.

 photo b473f19c-0ab7-457e-b304-06f8857e0416_zpsf9e070c6.jpg

This is the table I used as my "test" piece.  This is not real, if my chalk paint sticks to this then it will work on real wood.  This table is actually the middle table to a set of three nesting tables I have throughout our living room.

 photo 1a37126d-afaa-4eae-8b97-5095a962fb5b_zpseceed8a3.jpg

My chalk paint went on easily and covered well.  I gave it a light scuff with  buffing/polishing sanding block just to smooth out the paint.   Then I gave it a coat of wax...buffed it to a perfect shine once it was done...I LOVED it so much...I painted the other two tables!  

 photo 666c8b52-dbb8-4986-bb2f-edfeff453c83_zps8a5b9725.jpg

My husband asked if everything in the house was gong to be this color now.  Well, mister...maybe...just maybe!  No...I like variety!

 photo 08b28a1a-e87e-4f75-9c93-19135a2628c5_zps4560c81c.jpg

I just love the red and black coming through the distressing.

Done.  Love it.
Try this paint recipe...and make it work for you.  I got a text from a friend last night that mixed up her own red chalk-like paint and painted a coffee table.  We both LOVED it!

Love & Junk~

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  1. Love this, thank you! What type of wax do you use, and is it stinky?

    1. Hi comments were not populating! I have used Annie Sloan Clear Wax...and it is fumy. My mom likes CeCe Caldwell's...and it smells like oranges.

      I have been doing a lot of sealing with good ol polyurethane...durable with a 4 a 1 year old in the house!


  2. I love it too! Love that colour. Hopped over from Give Me the Goods Monday... I recently made my own chalk paint using plaster of paris - did a media cabinet, some cabinet doors, my laundry room interior back door... and the list continues as I think of more projects. Lots of fun to use, isn`t it!

    1. It is, Krista! I like to just make it myself...much easier (and in my budget!)

      I will have to check out your projects!!

  3. The table is gorgeous! Love the color! I'm like you - just can't fork out the $$ for the real stuff, so I make my own! Thanks so much for linking this up as well at Give Me The Goods Monday!

  4. Love the tables. Pretty color. What is the advantage of chalk paint over regular latex paint? Is the color softer? Does it go on smoother - or rougher? Does the finish last longer? Would one of you ladies be so kind to let me know why you prefer to paint with chalk paint?

    1. Hi Judy!

      Well, the main selling points with chalk paint are
      1) You are able to paint most all clean surfaces
      2) You can distress it by simply ribbing the edges with a wet rag
      3) It does go on smoothly
      4) The paint itself goes a long way
      5) It does have a rich color...and authentic worn look

      Try the recipe...let me know!

      Thanks for stopping by!

  5. The table looks great! Thanks for sharing your recipe! I wouldn't pay for chalk paint if I can make my own!
    Selene @ Restoration Beauty

  6. Wow, what a great tip. The table looks lovely. Thanks for sharing your homemade chalk paint recipe at Silver Pennies Sundays.

  7. I'm loving the color combo. I make my own chalk paint too (with Calcium Carbonate) and I love that, not only do I save money, but the color choices are endless. Thanks for sharing. Blessings, Patti

    1. Thanks for stopping by Patti! I have a friend who told me about the calcium carbonate...I NEED to try that!

      Yep...I love making my own...limitless color choices (and I just can't afford to do it any other way to be honest!)