Monday, March 4, 2013

Motivation For Your Monday....Appreciating What I Have

I found this on Pinterest this is really a simple reminder.

It is easy to think about those things we think we need and want...
and think we will be "happy" once we have them.  

It is more challenging to recognize what we have...and appreciate that.

Today, and everyday...I choose to focus on what I do have...great family, hard working husband, two beautiful girls who are healthy...we have everything we need.

I hope you have a FABULOUS week...I am headed out to tackle my pile of junk in the garage.  I LOADED my husband's truck (front seat, back seat and bed) with yard sale finds and didn't have time to work on anything til now.  We unloaded it and that was it.  I am headed out there with chalkboard paint in one hand...and my upholstery tools in the other.  Wish me luck...and come back this week to see what is for SALE!!!!

Love & Junk~

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