Our Farm House

We live in my husband's grandparent's old home...right on the dairy.  We have done a lot of work...little by little to make this house our home.

Our  house is a beautiful, ranch style home...with high-beamed ceilings that are a lovely dark-barn wood.  I love them...but, it limits me with wall colors.  I LOVE dark wall paint...but, don't want our home to feel dungeon-ish!

Here, you can see the beautiful wood ceiling...love it!

I updated those ugly brown curtains (I know you were wondering.)  Click HERE to see the drop cloth curtain tutorial...much better!

 photo f37bbae1-5858-47c8-aafb-87b1792fcb76_zps5dfbc7a3.jpg

Here is our brick fireplace...I jokingly tell my husband this is one of the reasons I married him.  (Truthfully...when we were first dating...I thought I REALLY love his house and this brick!)

Working on adding more pics...come back soon!


  1. Hi Julie, signed up to follow you along too..I see you have an Etsy shop too...LOVE your pillows

    1. Thank you SO much, Christine!!! Have a fabulous weekend :)

  2. I saw a ceiling just like yours painted all white and it was stunning...like a California Ranch.

    I can't wait to see more photos of your ranch house. I live in a 1950's ranch that has been somewhat renovated so I am always looking for Ranch house examples/photo's (that don't include a total rebuild-not in my budget.) So please post more photo's when you can!

    If you get the change you can check out my ranch home...at The Small House Under a Big Sky. I paint furniture too!

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