Thursday, January 31, 2013

This ol' house Thursday...My Office Space

Okay, so you have seen my logo/business card front, right?  This was designed by a dear friend of mine, Andrea McRee.  A few years ago...I told her what I do, what I want to eventually do...and she created this.  Perfectly drafting my thoughts and images in my head...she read my mind!

So, it says...."VINTAGE FINDS," yep...I have those.  "CUTE STUFF," well, I think so (check my Etsy shop for my CUTE STUFF, ) and "REAL LIVING," well, it is about to get REAL!  I am spilling my photos of my messy office/sewing room...a fellow blogger shared with me that her "behind the scenes" post was a favorite. goes...

My "corner office" with OUT a view...

Bills, sales tax report (DONE) and my binder of ideas...

My counter space is cluttered with paint, a Cricut (traded a friend for some VB Home furnishings but have YET to use.)

Can you see why I have this hidden BEHIND the door?

I LOVE my stencils...just working on a way to better display them.  MORE corkboard needed!

I did not expect (for a SECOND) to sell as many things as I am...but, I have run out of fabric storage.  I need more room...thanking God for the abundance of business!

My girls have to have their space in the office, right?  My parents bought them this for Christmas...they LOVE it!  Now, they create while mommy creates.

I saved the BEST for last...this, my 
The Vintage Barn's "Shipping & Receiving Department!"  

Cleaning and de-cluttering, work is SO cut out for me!   I am tackling this ol' room, one garbage bag and one pot of coffee at a time!  

Love & Junk~

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Dairy Wife Wednesday...

Sweet new heifer calf and cow.

"I don't know how you live out here," said a friend of mine that I used to teach with.  Pretty sure I couldn't live anywhere else...again.

My husband is a dairy farmer and we are lucky enough to live right on the dairy...I mean right on the dairy.  We are walking distance from the milk barn, maternity barn and pen after pen of cows and heifers!

Can we keep her daddy?

The picture of the new calf in the maternity barn directly a hop, skip and a jump across the street from our house.  My girls have seen it all...calves being born and even bottle feeding a new calf.  Pretty special...we think!

This is my "co-pilot" checking on things...

We are never bored...there is always something to do.  When the weather is nice...we head out for our walk around different fields of alfalfa, corn or other grains (depending on the season.)  

Flashback...moving cows a few years ago.  

Working with daddy is something the girls love.  We have jumped in the truck to move cows, change water or pick him up in a field getting off the of a dairy wife (and girls!)

Best worker daddy has!

My plan with this blog is to not only inspire you to tackle projects, make your house your home with out breaking the bank...but, to give you a peek into our CA dairy!  I hope you will find this an interesting feature...there is a lot in running a dairy.  Come back here for more about this fun life I wouldn't trade for anything (remember, I didn't grow up on a dairy or even in the country!)  

Now..go get a BIG glass of milk!

Love & Junk~

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Motivation for Monday...Be Yourself!

"Be yourself, who else is better qualified?" Spoken by Frank Giblin.

This quote is about individuality...being yourself...and being happy with that.

I am.

Even though I am MORE than inspired by Miss Mustard Seed, my new friend Stacey at and other fabulous ladies...I am not them.    Nor can they be me (they probably don't want to!)  They have spent years building their businesses...I am just at the beginning of MY journey (with a 4 and 1 year old in tow!)   Yep...just me being myself!

One of Miss Mustard Seed's blog post really related to my journey.  She talked about "wading" in her first months and year of starting her business.  She also wrote about working with little ones at her feet.  Yep.  I can relate...TOTALLY!  It seems that some days I can be knee deep in painting a piece...and it is time to pick the oldest up at preschool...or nap time is OVER!  

Back to the quote...being myself, right?  I want to dive in...head first.  That is NOT going to happen today.  I can't.  I do what I can in between naps, bedtime, preschool days...and those afternoons (rare) when my hard working hubby can take the girls outside and swing or check on some cows.

 Just me...and MY family.

As much as I want my business dreams to come wouldn't change it!  I am home with my girls and they won't be little forever.  They will all too soon both be in school and I will have lots of time to work on my projects.  Until then, I will continue painting furniture when I can...and working with my fabulous 4 year old assistant!  (I am pretty sure we perfected her color recognition with my paint collection!)

Well, I hope you will too "Be Yourself...because there is NO ONE better qualified!"

Love & Junk~

Friday, January 25, 2013

Lazy Day PB Cookies...with a Kiss!

This is the EASIEST cookie recipe. Ever. We haven't been feeling the best in our, this morning I was met with a million loads of laundry, housework to catch up on and a 4 year old that wanted to make cookies. Lazy PB Cookies it is! peanut butter cookies photo peanutbuttercookies_zps1116c154.jpg Okay...easy enough. Three ingredients. 1 Cup of Peanut Butter 1 Cup of Granulated Sugar 1 Egg You read that right...that's it. Even more how DELICIOUS these cookies are. Honestly. I really feel silly giving the "recipe" but, some of you may never have heard of these. They will be a favorite on days when you don't have a lot of time, don't want to clean up a ton of dishes and just feel like a warm homemade treat on a cozy day! cookie dough photo cookiedough_zpsa690892f.jpg Just mix the peanut butter and sugar first, then mix in the egg. Scoop into balls, roll in sugar and place on a parchment lined baking sheet. Bake in a 350 degree oven for 8-10 minutes. If you want to put Hershey Kisses in them...just take out after 8 minutes. Peel the kisses, put in the center of the cookies and bake for another 2 or 3 minutes. Hershey Kiss Cookies photo HersheyKissCookies_zpsf317ffc5.jpg Done. Quick. Easy. Not a HUGE mess. DELICIOUS! Make sure you get an ice cold glass of Real CA Milk to go with your cookies! Love & Junk~ Julie

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

No Place Like Home

Somewhere over the rainbow there is an UNSTUFFED HEAD! Our house has been hit with a horrible least it isn't the flu! We all need a is hard to burn the candle at both ends...when you do not feel well AT ALL!!! So, today...we cuddled on the couch, folded laundry and did some movie watching. My FAVORITE movie of all time is The Wizard of Oz. I was thrilled to sit down on a gloomy day with a blanket, my 45 boxes of tissue and cozy up to my girls. No place like home photo Noplacelikehome_zps78f19340.jpg If you look closely...the wood plaque above the hearth says "There's No Place Like Home." Dorothy. Nope, no place like it. As we watched our movie...I was reminded how luck I am to be their mom, hold them and play with them and enjoy my time at home with them!! Back at it...HARD tomorrow!! No clicking my heels to finish my work...I will be sewing like a mad woman...and painting like a crazy lady!! Love & Junk~ Julie

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Room Mini-Makeover...on the CHEAP!

I happen to like change. I am constantly moving furiture, pictures and even enjoy a quick seasonal wall "spruce-it-up" paint job! (My husband says he soesn't care what I paint as long as he doesn't have to help...he has zero tolerance for painting!) Funkyroom1 photo Funkyroom1_zpsf6948c60.jpg It really all started with that old armoir you see in the corner. It was black. I LOVE distressed black furniture...but, yep...needed a change. Something about our bedroom was bugging me. The boring...tan walls? The black furniture? The black and white paisley duvet cover? Not sure what it was but, I had a can of turquoise paint and a brush handy. Both girls were napping...I work best when our girls (4 & 1...yep, I am busy) are napping. I went for armoir turned turquoise. LOVE IT! Well, that led to a wall color change...a deeper chocolate brown. I waited for my Behr paint to go on sale at Home Depot...savings! PotteryBarnBedding photo PotteryBarnBedding_zps3cee6b57.jpg That led to me wanting to change our bedding. Uh oh..put on the brakes! Not wanting to spend too much money (or ANY at all) I "shopped" on our local Facebook Yard Sale page. I ended up finding bedding that I LOVED and it was from a dear childhood friend, Sonia Blomgren. The bedding had the turquoise, brown and browny-reds I wanted. I had a coffee table in my Etsy shop that she wanted...TRADE! money spent and I got Pottery Barn bedding that was just like new! I even dug up a beautiful handmade quilt to toss over our bed...the beautiful rich brown color on the wall was the base of this blanket...perfct! Another fabulous find on that Facebook Yard Sale page was the antique high back chair you see. I bought that for a whopping $25!!! I bought it with the intent to resell it, brought it home and said no way...that is MINE! Right now I have thrown a small cow hide over the seat...someday I will reupholster the whole thing in cowhide. That is a project for another day... As for now, I am keeping my projects simple and expenses MINIMAL! You can, too. Shop your own house...look in cupboards, closets...and even steal something from another room. Giving something a new spot in your home...will give everything a new feel! I have more projects coming...stay tuned! Love & Junk~ Julie

Monday, January 21, 2013

A Little Motivation for My Monday...and hopefully yours, too!

I am a thief...yep, fully admitting to stealing this beautiful quote from a friend today. Funny story...this friend, Joanne Rider and I grew up as neighbors...TWICE in our life. We first lived right next door to each other as little girls. Her family moved...and then years later my family moved. We moved right across the street from the Levy family (Joanne's maiden name.) Joanne and her siblings lost not one, but both of their parents within months of eachother last year. Through everything she and her family have gone through...they are all still givers, doers and continue to see the best in people and have NEVER lost faith in God.
This struck me today...truly, stopped me and made me think. Am I really doing all these things? Am I showing my two girls how to really be a genuine person and a friend to others. Am I loving my husband and family...unconditionally? Hmmm...I have some work to do! "Always pray to have eyes that see the BEST in people, A heart that forgives the worst, a mind that forgets the bad and a soul that NEVER loses Faith in God!" Thanks Joanne...thank you for the beautiful reminder!!! Love & Junk ~ Julie

Friday, January 18, 2013

Valentine Pillow GIVEAWAY Winner!!!

The winner for the latest GIVEAWAY is "Lindbergs!" Please email me your shipping info and I will get you your LOVE time for Valentine's Day!! Thank you to all of you who followed my and old followers!!! Stay tuned for more GIVEAWAYS!!!
ALso this Friday...check out,for her fabulous collection of furniture...done all by her readers. Look for me, #'s 105-110! Have a FABULOUS Friday!! Woohoo!! Love & Junk~ Julie

Thursday, January 17, 2013

I Missed My Baby Shower!

You hear it over and over again...."Time goes so fast." It does. Our oldest is 4 today! It seems like we just brought her home from the hospital?!?! Funny Story. I went into labor on the morning of my baby shower. Yep. Missed the party completely! Back pain to me had always meant I slept funny, or worked out extra hard and was sore. Nothing crossed my mind. water broke but nothing else happened. Hmph.... I took my time that morning getting ready, because I was SURE they would check me and let me go to the shower and come back to the hospital. Did I mention she is our oldest? My first baby, first labor....I didn't have a clue! Long story short...the hospital admitted me and the party went on without me. My mom and sister really had to have the party...guests were coming! Well, Natalie arrived...4 weeks early and PERFECTLY healthy and beautiful! The first thing I ate after delivering her was a chocolate pudding with crushed oreos (the only thing my husband could find that late and Natalie to this day eats chocolate pudding like it is going out of style!) and I also ate the BIGGEST piece of my baby shower cake. I think that has to be the BEST meal I have ever had! ice cream cone cupcake Speaking of cake...I am taking cupcakes to Natalie's preschool class this morning. We are stepping it up a notch (HONESTLY, these are EASY!) with these Ice Cream Cone Cupcakes. You may have seen these or even made them...but, if not...I am here to tell you they are easy! cake mix Yes. I used a boxed cake mix...for many reaasons. They are moist, delicious and a time saver! ice cream cones Line up your ice cream cones on a flat surface. Make sure they are flat on the bottom (scratch off that little bump on the bottom center of cone if you have to.) They will stay even when filled...I promise! fill cupckes Mix the cake batter as directed...and fill to the inside mark of the cone (about 3/4 of the way up.) bakedcupcakes_zps5e1dbd91 Let the cupcakes cool...and frost however you like. I filled a pastry bag and piped the frosting on there to look like an ice cream cone. Natalie frosted some of her own...and put pink and purple (of course!) sprinkles on them. Uploaded from the Photobucket Android App Our preschool friends are in for a treat this morning!! Love & Junk~ Julie

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Farmhouse Fabulous!

If you love farmhouse will LOVE this piece. hutch1_zps2af046f4 I buy and sell furniture all the time. Some things I fall more in love with than others. This was one of them. I REALLY tried to convince my husband we had room for this in our house. Nope. No room. farmhousehutch3_zps37fbd897 I spent my time with this one. Taking my time...and debating on color...I went with Annie Sloan Chalk Paint in Old White. LOVE the fresh, vintage farmhouse feel. Someday, I may have more room for ALL the things I fall in love with. My friend Erin is enjoying this in her home now...and that makes me happy, too!! farmfousehutch1_zps26856e09 Share my blog with your friends...and check in Friday, January 18th for the winner of the LOVE pillow giveaway!! Love & Junk~ Julie

Monday, January 14, 2013


Well...not really (laundry, cleaning, bills...) but we can still have fun here at The Vintage Barn!
GIVEAWAY TIME!!!!! That's right...I am giving away the cute little "LOVE" pillow you see front and center of this shot from my Valentine Collection of pillows you can find in my Etsy shop! All you have to do is follow my blog,and leave a comment and you are entered to win. It is that easy! If you are already followng my are AUTOMATICALLY entered! (You have until Thursday, January 17th at 8:00pm PST to be entered!)
Front with canvas and "LOVE" stenciled in red.
Here is the and white canopy stripe fabric..classic!
Here is the "LOVE" pillow with an accent toss pillow cover in red and white polka dots...also available in my Etsy shop...
The stripes on the back of the giveaway pillow go so well with the dots!

Saturday, January 12, 2013

Stormy Spring Pillow Covers

Working away on my girls' naptime...gray and yellow pillow covers...
The Stormy Spring Collection...
Gray Polka Dot...
Gray stripe with yellow dots...
Gray chevron...
Yellow chevron...and this picture shows the envelope enclosure. I am doing envelope enclosure pillows now...less storage of pillow forms for me here in my studio...and less expensive for you! Change the look of your room more often and for less money!!! Hae a fabulous girls are waking time is over! Love & Junk~ Julie

Friday, January 11, 2013

National Milk Day...Drink Up!!!

It is National Milk Day...which, I think, is everyday in this house. We (by "we" I mean my husband, our almost 4 year old and 1 year old) can go through 4 gallons in a week an a half...easy!
I am not a HUGE milk drinker...gasp! Before you even have a second to wonder why...let me assure you I MORE than make up for it in my half and half consumption in my coffee...and CHEESE! I could (and do) make a meal off of cheese and crackers with wine,, lots of Friday nights. (Hmmm...dinner for the Mr. and I is done!)
But, it's Friday...and NOTHING goes better with an ice, cold glass of REAL CA milk than cookies. These are THE BEST Oatmeal Cookies you will ever have. They are my "claim to fame" if you will. Well, they are my mom's claim to fame...and this is her recipe and it never fails!!! These are always a hit. I think it is the sea salt... Momma's Oatmeal Cookies...
3/4 of a cup of butter...REAL butter
1 cup of brown sugar
1/2 cup of granulatd sugar
1 lonely little egg
1 tsp of GOOD vanilla
Cream butter, brown sugar, sugar, egg and vanilla...
Add 3 cups of oatmeal...slowly...mix...but don't overdo it
1 cup of flour
1 tsp of sea salt
1/2 tsp of baking soda
We added raisins today...about 2 cups. Chocolate chips are our next fave!
Scoop into dough balls on a parchment lined cookie sheet... bake at 350 degrees for 10 12 minutes.
The house smells SO GOOD!!!!!
Happy National Milk Day! Love & Junk~ Julie 3/4 cup REAL Butter...there are NO substitutes...NONE 1 cup brown sugar 1/2 cup granulated sugar 1 egg 1 tsp vanilla 1 cup flour 1 tsp sea salt 1/2 tsp baking soda 3 cups Old Fashioned Oatmeal Bake: 350 for 10-12 minutes

Chef In Training