Monday, January 21, 2013

A Little Motivation for My Monday...and hopefully yours, too!

I am a thief...yep, fully admitting to stealing this beautiful quote from a friend today. Funny story...this friend, Joanne Rider and I grew up as neighbors...TWICE in our life. We first lived right next door to each other as little girls. Her family moved...and then years later my family moved. We moved right across the street from the Levy family (Joanne's maiden name.) Joanne and her siblings lost not one, but both of their parents within months of eachother last year. Through everything she and her family have gone through...they are all still givers, doers and continue to see the best in people and have NEVER lost faith in God.
This struck me today...truly, stopped me and made me think. Am I really doing all these things? Am I showing my two girls how to really be a genuine person and a friend to others. Am I loving my husband and family...unconditionally? Hmmm...I have some work to do! "Always pray to have eyes that see the BEST in people, A heart that forgives the worst, a mind that forgets the bad and a soul that NEVER loses Faith in God!" Thanks Joanne...thank you for the beautiful reminder!!! Love & Junk ~ Julie

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