Monday, January 7, 2013


Lots of new projects going on at The Barn! My main project around the house right now is CLEARING THE CLUTTER!!!! Did Santa really need to bring all thse toys? Our oldest's birthday is next week as well...we are hauling junk out! Donating gently used away some other stuff...and just flat out hauling the junk to the dumpster! FEELS GOOD!!! my sweet little 4 year old assistant and I kept ourselves out of trouble this afternoon and worked on some Valentine pillows.
I found some of the cutest fabrics and very nice quality at (I am kind of addicted now!)
These fabrics are making beautiful pillows, perfect for tossing on your couch or dolling up a bed. I am working on a few table runners, which will probably make me want to paint my table a creamy white. (If You Give a Mouse a Cookie...)
Stay tuned for a giveaway with pillows made from these fabrics! Have a fabulous week...and get rid of the clutter!!!!! Love & Junk~ Julie

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