Friday, January 4, 2013

The BEST of 2012

The BEST of 2012! What a year it was! I returned to what I LOVE junking, restoring and decorating. I have only really been back at this since August after THANKFULLY not returning to a job I HATED!! (That was another post..."Follow Your Heart.") Here is a recap of my favorite projects, a little bit about them and what it to come for 2013!!
One of my ALL TIME favorites. This piece belongs to my friend Renee, it was her grandmother's set. Renee wanted to revamp it somehow, giving it an updated look for her home. Classic black, distressed and FABULOUS fabric from Pottery Barn for the seat covers. Voila! I begged her to let me keep this luck! Renee has invited me over for coffee (I need to go) that she enjoys at this table with the paper. Renee...I am on my way!
My mom spotted this dining set at her neighbors yard sale...and she knew I could make it even better. I cleaned her up, gave her a classic coat of black and she moved into a new home with a fabulous family.
This vintage farmhouse hutch and I had quite the relationship during her stay here at the barn. I wanted to keep her, but that would mean having to move or get rid of something in our house. In the meantime a dear friendfell in love with her and I was happy to let her go to a good home.
A little bohemian, beach chair with a burlap seat. I painted her in a funky turquoise...distressed her and she was set.
I found this desk looking as rough as they come. My hhusband wasn't sure it was going to work...but, she is beautiful. Again, just my classic black with a distressed finish. She now serves as a small buffett in a beautiful Napa Valley home.
Perfect piece. This retro buffett got a classic black paint job and a light distressing. This piece was shipped all the way to New York City! I am so thankful I got to jump back into what I love...and great things are to come for 2013!

 Love & Junk~ Julie

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  1. Love them all and you just gave me a great idea for a project that I couldn't make my mind up on!

  2. Fabulous job on all of the above. I especially LOVE the Vintage Farmhouse Hutch and the the desk!!! Hopped over from MMS and I'm happy to be your newest follower. Would love to have you stop by for a visit! Blessings ~ Judy

    1. Thank you Judy! I appreciate you being the newest follower...I am going to hop on over to Vintage Street Designs right now!