Sunday, January 27, 2013

Motivation for Monday...Be Yourself!

"Be yourself, who else is better qualified?" Spoken by Frank Giblin.

This quote is about individuality...being yourself...and being happy with that.

I am.

Even though I am MORE than inspired by Miss Mustard Seed, my new friend Stacey at and other fabulous ladies...I am not them.    Nor can they be me (they probably don't want to!)  They have spent years building their businesses...I am just at the beginning of MY journey (with a 4 and 1 year old in tow!)   Yep...just me being myself!

One of Miss Mustard Seed's blog post really related to my journey.  She talked about "wading" in her first months and year of starting her business.  She also wrote about working with little ones at her feet.  Yep.  I can relate...TOTALLY!  It seems that some days I can be knee deep in painting a piece...and it is time to pick the oldest up at preschool...or nap time is OVER!  

Back to the quote...being myself, right?  I want to dive in...head first.  That is NOT going to happen today.  I can't.  I do what I can in between naps, bedtime, preschool days...and those afternoons (rare) when my hard working hubby can take the girls outside and swing or check on some cows.

 Just me...and MY family.

As much as I want my business dreams to come wouldn't change it!  I am home with my girls and they won't be little forever.  They will all too soon both be in school and I will have lots of time to work on my projects.  Until then, I will continue painting furniture when I can...and working with my fabulous 4 year old assistant!  (I am pretty sure we perfected her color recognition with my paint collection!)

Well, I hope you will too "Be Yourself...because there is NO ONE better qualified!"

Love & Junk~

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