Thursday, January 31, 2013

This ol' house Thursday...My Office Space

Okay, so you have seen my logo/business card front, right?  This was designed by a dear friend of mine, Andrea McRee.  A few years ago...I told her what I do, what I want to eventually do...and she created this.  Perfectly drafting my thoughts and images in my head...she read my mind!

So, it says...."VINTAGE FINDS," yep...I have those.  "CUTE STUFF," well, I think so (check my Etsy shop for my CUTE STUFF, ) and "REAL LIVING," well, it is about to get REAL!  I am spilling my photos of my messy office/sewing room...a fellow blogger shared with me that her "behind the scenes" post was a favorite. goes...

My "corner office" with OUT a view...

Bills, sales tax report (DONE) and my binder of ideas...

My counter space is cluttered with paint, a Cricut (traded a friend for some VB Home furnishings but have YET to use.)

Can you see why I have this hidden BEHIND the door?

I LOVE my stencils...just working on a way to better display them.  MORE corkboard needed!

I did not expect (for a SECOND) to sell as many things as I am...but, I have run out of fabric storage.  I need more room...thanking God for the abundance of business!

My girls have to have their space in the office, right?  My parents bought them this for Christmas...they LOVE it!  Now, they create while mommy creates.

I saved the BEST for last...this, my 
The Vintage Barn's "Shipping & Receiving Department!"  

Cleaning and de-cluttering, work is SO cut out for me!   I am tackling this ol' room, one garbage bag and one pot of coffee at a time!  

Love & Junk~


  1. You have a lot of things going on with your space, but I like the way you keep it together. Clutter is the main attraction of every business, but I’m amazed that you still keep it as organized as possible. You inspire me for that! :-) The space of your kids is what I like best. I think it’s a great opportunity for the both of you to bond and share your field of interest.

    Clayton Steadham

    1. Thank you...yes, this looks a bit cluttered! I did a MAJOR overhaul and organized...looks MUCH better!

      I love working with my girls...we sure have fun together!


  2. Hey guys! Do you mind if I jump in? I also have an office space at home. It gives me the pleasure I need to be close to my family. By the way, please do post some pictures of your major overhaul of your office space. I’m dying to see it. Cheers!
    - Tammie Teeter

    1. Hi Tammie...yes, I need to get my after pics up of my office overhaul. It is LOADED with pillow orders and stuff...but, if I clean it up you can see the changes I made.

      I will get working on that!!!