Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Happy New Year! What a WONDERFUL year this is going to be. So many ideas and projects are swirling in my head, on my notepad by me bed, on the notepad in my car and on the whiteboard in my office. I can't stand it...I need more hours in the day! I thought I would share with you some FABULOUS pictures my dear friend Shana Tomlinson, owner of Rustic Photograpy (find her on Facebook she is located in Chowchilla, CA) took of our little family this Christmas. She is fun to work with and does a FABULOUS job! Her daughter, Ally just happens to be one of the best asistants around and we love having her babysit our girls while I lock myself in my sewing room/office to WORK!!!! The barn you see in the background is definitely a "Vintage Barn.!" It isn't exactly "THE Vintage Barn"...YET!!!! Work in progress...someday Julie, someday.
I am beyond grateful that I have so many joys in my life. I know this time of year it seems like everyone is working on their "New Year's Resolution." Hmmm....well, I think I will do something different this year. I am setting GOALS. Goals for myself as a mom, as a wife, as a daughter, as a sister, as an entrepeneur and as a child of God. I have OH, SO MUCH TO WORK ON!!!!! But, with "Faith, Hope and Love" I can reach all of my goals (or at least get close!) Speaking of "Faith, Hope & Love" here is my first GIVEAWAY of 2013!!!
Go to my Facebook page, and LIKE my page, COMMENT on the post and SHARE with your Facebook friends to be entered in the drawing!!! One winner will be picked Monday, January 7 at 5pm PST. Good luck!!! Keep the FAITH, Have the HOPE and just LOVE in 2013!!! Love and Junk~ Julie Follow Me on Pinterest

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