Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Clean Slate...

We have a family tradition in our house usually the day or two after Thanksgiving, like many of you all. My husband hauls in my many boxes of CHRISTMAS DECORATIONS!!!!! Yes, this really is my FAVORITE time of year. However, this year...I haven't been able to do it yet. I am really chompin' at the bit to get them in. Instead, I have gone through and taken every mirror, picture frame and clock off of our walls. We are getting a nw roof...what a mess! As I have sid before, we live in my husband's grandparents ranch home on the dairy. The roof had years and years of feed, hay and dirt caked in it. Needless to say, the majority of it fell through and into MY KITCHEN!!!!!!!!!! It sounded like a warzone in our home yesterday. Crashes, bangs and booms along with hammering, pounding and the occasional #$@% bomb from the roofers. Miraculousy, our 1 year old STILL took her morning nap and afternoon nap right on time and just as long. (Amazing!) My almost 4 year old and I were busy working on Christmas orders. We had a few shipments to Texs, Maine and Florida.
Christmas win sacks are the erfect holiday party "hostess with the mostest" gift! We were also working on a huge order of table runners and napkins, in my vintage inspired red ticking stripe, headed to Texas.
On the bright side...my walls, shelves and mantle are clean slates. Perfect for giving a good scrub down and decorating for Christmas! Find us on Facebook...www.facebook.com/thevintagebarn Check out all of my new stuff at www.thevintagebarn.etsy.com

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