Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Dairy Wife Wednesday...Birth of Twins!

It's a sweet life...(especially when it is homemade ice cream every week in the summer) and I am thankful we live it!

Last Friday night was a "wild and crazy" home with our girls...just kidding.  Just a few weeks ago my husband and I DID have a fun Friday night at a George Strait concert!  We still get out and have fun every now and then.  But, this time...a little bit of playing around the dairy and a pizza party at home with our girls was fun!

The girls were busy riding the four wheeler around our house with their, I snuck off to the maternity barn (just across the street from our house.)  Hanging out over here never gets boring for us.  Our girls are lucky to have watched their daddy help cows and heifers deliver calves...clearing their nose to help them take their first breath.  So special.

I walked up...just in time!  
This was calf #2 making her debut...yep, twins! 
 Not very common that twins are born and make it...but, these did just fine.  My husband has great guys that work for him, one of them was there making sure this cow and her calves were doing well and that everything was going smoothly.

This is calf #1...she is sweetly waiting for her sister.  Though she is laying down, do you know that a calf will usually be able to stand within minutes of being born?  

Calf #2 again...their little heads are so wobbly and cute!  (I think she is giving me the "really?" look.)

Momma doing her job and getting her second calf all cleaned up.

This is the look I got from the's as if she is telling me I have taken enough pictures and can leave now.  Point taken...Bessy, I am outta here!

I bought a "new to me" camera from a friend...a Nikon and got a FABULOUS deal!  So, of course I think I am a photographer now (just kidding) and I am taking every opportunity to learn how to use it.  I caught this beautiful sunset as I was leaving the maternity barn.

I caught this beautiful sunset...and our beautiful Natalie practicing her cartwheels in the front yard.
Fun Friday night for us!

Love & Junk~


  1. We have pigs due soon on our of my favorites things about the spring <3

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    2. Thank you for stopping by...yep, Spring is an exciting time of year. I am headed over to your site now...