Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Transformation Tuesday...Drop Cloth Ottoman Slipcover (simple!)

I am STILL on a  mission to transform our living room.
Yep...more of the removal of ALL OF THE DARK BROWN...it's outta here! 

 photo 05072f70-de7c-476e-9cac-11173deee283_zpsf4b5685e.jpg

There really isn't anything wrong with this ottoman.  The leather is in great condition, it is a beautiful color...and the lid lifts up to store our games.  But, you guessed it...it is dark brown and I am wanting to cover it temporarily.  I LOVE dark things in the fall and winter...just not this time of year.  I decided a quick and inexpensive slip cover made from drop cloth will fit the bill!

Warning:  This is NOT a technical tutorial.  NONE of mine are.  My tutorials and step-by-steps are fast, easy to understand and can all be done DURING NAP TIME!!!  Yeah for nap time projects!

I started by washing and drying the drop cloth.  Then, I just draped it UPSIDE DOWN over the ottoman and pinned the corners as you see above.  When I sewed this...this created a nice edge...then flip it the right way to continue working.

 photo 558fe0e1-a1cf-4c2a-a46a-27d3a9813641_zps659c9c99.jpg

Just another picture of pinning the corners...

 photo dd0cd14c-c7e6-437f-9928-684c5a5114ba_zps713ee4b2.jpg

I sewed these corners...making sure my ends are hemmed well because I plan on washing this slipcover. (I don't want to be the mom that doesn't allow a PB&J or popcorn to be eaten in the living room.  My girls like to have "picnics" on rainy days inside...so do I!)
 I also ran along the bottom of the slipcover and made a nice hem.  This will be a hem/seam that is over the ruffle for a nice and finished look.  

 photo 20004628-c00d-406a-81b4-c32244ee34ea_zps2ef74811.jpg

Here, you can see the nice and clean edge.
(Not thrilled with this photo...I didn't realize the only one I had was this one...oops!)

 photo 3a2fb950-f554-4936-b5b8-7ecbb33d8cf2_zpsd993a5e3.jpg

Brace yourself...I didn't measure!  Nope, you know I more often than not, have to work fast. 
I eyeball A LOT...and do not mind, one bit...a slight imperfection in something for myself or my home.  When filling orders for others...I stress like a crazy lady for perfection!

You can see I just folded the drop cloth, making a pleat... and pinned it to the inside of the top of the slip cover.  That's it...easy.

I cut about a 5 inch strip along the edge of the drop cloth that already had a seam sewn.  You may need to have a wider or thinner strip for your ruffle...depending on how high your ottoman is.  

 photo 8167b0e5-2d05-4529-a889-0ba17f95cb66_zps31d3a4a0.jpg

Just pin the pleated part you made on the ruffle piece to the inside of the top of the slipcover...as you see above.

 photo f6b57097-1ee0-45f4-80b3-f703f1d626b2_zps0779109f.jpg

Keep doing so all the way around.  I said earlier...I don't measure...and I think that adds character!

 photo 19ddd721-1250-43a7-a6e9-b58ee51083a8_zps9b99ff7c.jpg

Next, I sewed my ruffle piece on...making sure that the top piece of the ottoman cover sat over the ruffle piece.  Remember, this will give you a nice, clean and finished look.

 photo 40723007-3755-4dbd-aafc-0175396153ba_zps5acf02d2.jpg

I LOVE burlap...and I am working on a burlap ribbon to sew over the seam around the edge.  I also want to make a few little rose buds out of my hemp twine...just not sure if the burlap will wash well?  That is why I am hesitating...and running a load in the washer right now of a mock slipcover with burlap.  We will see...

 photo b7ef65dc-a334-4eb1-a273-83945c3e9ab1_zpse91b1385.jpg

If I do sew it on...here is an idea of what I am thinking.  What do you think?

 photo 9aef6638-3468-4a80-80d6-f2fd9d833295_zps8a35c5df.jpg

All done...washable, light and airy for Spring!

 photo c02ae639-23c7-48d2-8508-37ff39afc6d8_zpsc39ac815.jpg

The girls and I tossed some pillow covers on the couch made with the matching drop cloth.  I am not finished with them yet...I think I am going to do a French Grain Sack stencil...or our monogram.  
I am also ready now to add in some apple green...not too girly, my hubby doesn't like too girly!

I couldn't take the blah-ness...so, I added a little burlap for cuteness!

Boring blah...to burlap-y cute!

Ta da!

 photo 55bef174-38af-47f1-95af-7765d2442425_zpsd5650c38.jpg

Lots of work to do still...have a fabulous day!

Love & Junk~

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  1. What a great idea! I have an ottoman about the same size and style that is in desperate need of a makeover, I might just have to try a drop cloth cover! Awesome! I would love to also invite you to join Totally Tuesday and link up your blog for my first ever link party: http://www.madcapfrenzy.blogspot.com/2013/02/totally-tuesday-1-link-party-time.html

    1. Try it...you will love it. Easy to make, wash...and can decorate around it with any color!!

      I will link up...thanks!

  2. It looks great & I really like the accent trim!!

    1. Thank you, Beth! I wasn't sure at first...but, I think the burlap accent finishes it.

      Thanks for stopping by!

  3. That looks great! We'd love for you to link this up at our party! http://www.housewivesofriverton.com/2013/02/riverton-housewives-round-up-54.html

  4. Love your dropcloth ottoman cover. I have a square ottoman that I have been thinking about covering. I am off to the paint store for a cloth tomorrow. Thanks for the great tutorial.

    1. Thanks Bonnie...have fun with your project!

  5. I wish I could still see the pictures! I LOVE the finished project...