Monday, February 25, 2013

Motivation for Monday...Family Matters

True.  So true.

When I was younger (like many young girls, and still some older ones I know) material things were something I wanted and had to have.  I had designer jeans (too many!) Expensive shoes (it's sickening the pairs of shoes I have, I am still wearing those!)  Designer bags...let's not even venture into talking about those.  If I am being honest...those things "mattered" to me then.  Really, buying them...wearing them...just knowing I had them in my closet...yep, it "mattered."  Sad.

I like to think I am maturing and really "getting" it as I get older.  Those things don't matter.  Time has a way of showing us what truly matters.  Don't get me wrong...I LOVE nice things...but, I have to find them on sale and when they fit into our budget.  The difference now is...that I don't HAVE to have things to feel "good" and "accomplished."

This weekend we had a family filled weekend.  We had dinner on Saturday with my husband's side....and dinner on Sunday with my side.  Family is what matters.

This is REALLY what matters to me and my husband...our girls.  What makes me feel "good" and "accomplished" now is working on helping them to build their relationship as sisters and friends.  My hope is for them to be close...throughout their whole matter where they are.  
This is what matters to me....

I hope you have a fabulous week...and come back because I have my living room transformation and some fun furniture all finished and ready to reveal!!!

Love & Junk~

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  1. Awesome Post! Relationships are truly what matters! Famiy, friends and letting them know they matter! Thank you for your post and I enjoy reading every one of them!