Friday, February 8, 2013

Furniture Friday...Wine and Chocolate, too?!?!

Feeling the LoVE is on hold til next week, working on these wine bags today.

 photo IMG_20130208_104214_zps0aa583ca.jpg

Valentine's Day is right around the corner...but, I LOVE this weekend!  It is the annual Wine and Chocolate Lover's weekend at the Madera Wine Trail. 

 My husband and I used to go and make it to all (well, most) of the sister in law has the best winery on the trail, Chateau Lasgoity.  Her husband is the wine maker...and they are all fabulous wines...but my favorite one right now is his Pinot Grigio.  (Sounds perfect for dinner!)  Now, we just go and help...I sell my stuff and we jump in and pour wine when needed.  "One sip for you...two for me." Works out well...

 photo e297fa48-e40e-4b76-b8ad-3d542eedf8ce_zpsa53eabc1.jpg

I whipped up a few wine sacks to go along with my pillows and some smaller vintage furniture I have to sell tomorrow.  I love this "Vino" bag...simple and cute...with a hemp twine tie.

 photo 577f757a-24a1-4387-98f8-88612aa5188a_zps7fe2d9da.jpg
My "LOVE" bag...with a red and white polka dot ribbon.  Sweet without being too cutesy!

 photo 4dbe3067-3095-4415-8a2a-411050134450_zps5ce96618.jpg

My FAVORITE...the red and white chevron!  Oh, and another "LOVE" bag with a simple red ribbon.

 photo 1ef8065c-4684-4e49-81c4-34ec8293db0e_zps11e5a1f0.jpg
These are all handmade by me...

 photo 35521f79-7a2e-4772-b81b-5dc475e38dae_zps41e5c88d.jpg
A little chevron LoVe...

 photo 297156eb-f8da-456a-a538-f74e6dae4166_zpsc0576ab6.jpg

Love these bags...simple and classic...fleur de leis with a hemp twine tie.

 photo 0c356bf5-af69-4508-9228-e63045679cd2_zps1a3c0793.jpg
My French Crown bag...with a hemp twine tie.  Cute!

 photo a8505584-389e-47bc-a879-c0d8c0d79bf2_zps4d0ea489.jpg
LOVE this natural!

 photo 8e9b2f6d-5987-40cd-b7eb-c5f355b25d3f_zps0016dd74.jpg

These  wine bags are all for sale in my Etsy shop... or... if you are a local...come and have some fabulous wine with me tomorrow and take your bag home with you!
For more information on the wine

I hope you all have a great weekend...whatever you do!

Love & Junk~

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  1. Your bags are so cute...saw you over at Courtney's party.


  2. I LOVE these! Wish I would have found them before today! Just love looking thru your blog! You have a new fan!