Thursday, May 9, 2013

This Old House Thursday...Moving the "Dining" Room

A while ago, I told you about our "dining room" situation.

Yeah...we don't have one. 

So, I created a little space in a corner of the back of our living room...get the scoop HERE.

 photo 7013bd75-fae9-4b34-8548-d80a766b9248_zpse25ca421.jpg

This worked for a while...but, yep...I like CHANGE!

I really found it hard for us to sit here as a family at dinner.
We ended up sitting at our kitchen counter, which is is nice to sit at the table.
With this "dining room" being in the back of our living seemed that the TV was 
on too often when we were eating.

Problem solved. 
Mom moved the "dining room" back to the kitchen area.
(I stripped the walls of mirrors and things before doing this...that is wall my walls are naked!)

Not really having a big space...I decide it was time to part with the antique drop leaf table.

If the leaves were took too much space in my new spot for it.

With the leaves down...all four chairs we needed...didn't fit!

Out with this table...and in with a round pedestal that fits perfectly!, I am not done with this yet.
Hopefully the little one takes a good nap while the older one is at preschool!

Have a great day!

Love & Junk~

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