Thursday, May 30, 2013

This Ol house Thursday...Living with the Pink Bathroom

I have decided to live (and love) the pink tile in our girl's bathroom.
It's a pink, girly bathroom...cute, right?

Well, it WILL eventually be cute!
(This picture above is not my actual bathroom...but, the tile work is exactly the same!)

I have decided to paint the cabinets a creamy white...the black cabinets I had in there are looking
a, terrible!!!

I will have a "Before and Happily Ever After" picture for you next week...
wish me luck!

I hope you have a great is warming up here!!

Love & Junk~


  1. OOOOOO.....have fun!! Can't wait to see the after! Embrace what ya can't change!

    1. Oh, I am EMBRACING it alright!!! I prepped the tiles today and will be painting them this weekend.

      This could be interesting....

  2. Sounds interesting! I can't wait to see both the before and after! I'm intrigued! Enjoy the weather...finally getting warm here too! Thank goodness! :)

  3. Looking forward to seeing your creativity with your Pink Bathroom. I have one, too - pink and brown. Love it but. . . .challenging! It was lovely to meet you at Clovis Glorious Junk!

    1. was SO nice to meet you! Thank you for introducing yourself...I loved meeting you!

      I will keep you posted with this is either going to be great...or bad, really bad!

  4. I think it'll be gorgeous - especially as a girls bathroom!