Monday, May 13, 2013

Motivate Me Monday....I'm Losing It!

Weight, that is.

Sometimes it is good to get a little, here it goes.  
(This is that "Real Living" part in my business header...)

I have been "trying" to lose these last few baby lbs (ok...she is a year and a half now) for a while now.
Guess I am not "trying" that hard!

For the most part...I eat "pretty" good.  Could be better...
I exercise at least 4-5 days a week...could be more vigorous...
I sleep....well, could go to bed earlier!
One thing I am doing perfectly...I drink PLENTY of water.  (LOVE lemon water.)

I found this on Alderberry Hill this morning...Screen+Shot+2013 05 10+at+2.07.31+PM Guest Post: Quote Printable from Blissful Roots

Yes it does.
If we focus on the negative...that is what we see.

I am SO guilty of doing this.  I usually beat myself up about the last 10 (okay...12) pounds I need to lose.
Constantly talking negatively about my body, disgusted at myself when I look in the mirror.
My husband is so sweet to me...and tells me I am beautiful.  Why don't I just listen to him??

With yesterday being Mother's really sunk in that I am raising two little girls 
whom I want to grow into beautiful and confident women.
They won't if their mommy is focusing on the negative.  I am pretty careful not to say those negative things in front of the girls...choosing to say something positive (even when I don't believe it., but want to!)

Well, life is too short to sit around and dwell on the negative.
Instead, I am turning my focus onto the positive...I have two healthy and beautiful girls who LOVE to eat their PB & J while mom pushes them in the double jogger.  So, we are taking this outside....and I will be reporting to you about those last few pounds COMING OFF in the next few weeks...but, more importantly...checking in with you about my focus shifting off of myself and the negative!

Do you have any weight loss tips??  Tips for staying positive??

I hope you have a  great week!!

Love & Junk~


  1. I don't have any tips for you...I wish I did! But I love your post! I can definitely relate as I am very similar...I have 10 lbs to lose also since my second girl was born 1 1/2 years ago and I always look at myself negatively. But I think you just gave me the motivation to start kicking my butt into high gear and do something about it! So thanks and good luck!

    1. Thanks for the sweet words...let's keep each other motivated!!!


  2. I think we're all "with ya" on this one. I stay positive by staying OFF of the scale. :) You look great, and good luck with your new endeavor.

    1. Thank you, Meredith! My husband told me if I didn't stay off the scale he was "gonna throw it out!!!" I check in with it more often than I should...but, you have reminded me to stay away!!