Friday, May 17, 2013

Furniture Friday...Yard Sale (Surprise, Surprise) Coffee Table Makeover

A fun little yard sale find (I know you are shocked, right? HA!)  from last weekend...
yep, we have a "new" coffee table!

A quick little nap time joke, both girls napping and this mom got all steps done!
It is that can do it, too!

We have all seen these oak tables everywhere...they are nice but, just kind of BLAH!
However, this one caught my eye right away because the ball and claw feet match my dining set.
(You can see where I started painting and stopped myself to snap a before picture.  My
girls were napping and this was a SUPER fast project!)

Nothing that a quick coat of my Home Made Chalk-Like Paint can't fix!
I ended up doing two coats of the paint...
You know I like to use what I, I used the same color I just used on my dining set makeover
from last week.  The color is "Do It Best" brand in "Antique White."
Get the scoop on that makeover Right Here!

A quick, light scuffing with a sanding block to distress in naturally worn places...
Then I wiped the table with a damp rag and cleared it with a polycrylic clear coat.

One step at a time...I am lightening up this house.  I know I have quite a few funky colors going on in the living room right now.  But, try to see the bigger picture her with me for a second.  I eventually am going to move that dark rug somewhere else...????  Where, not sure...yard sale??

Paint colors from Chip It! by Sherwin-Williams -- Possible color palette for half bath based on Strata Tropical Acres Ivory Rug from
Source:  Pinterest

I have had my eye on this Mohawk rug for a while...I think it would fit our family room nicely.  It gives me a range of colors to decorate with (which is nice because I LOVE to change things!!)  Most of those colors on the right...I have in the family room...hmmm???

Back to the table...loving the scroll work on the sides.  I gave it a little antiquing to bring out the detail.

There's my barn red tool box! 
 I love that...we hide remotes, Barbie shoes, Cheerio' name it, it's in there!

Super simple and FAST makeover today...honestly, this nap time fast!
The beauty of the home made chalk paint is how fast it dries and how easy it is to work with.
Try it! I hope you have a fabulous start to your weekend!

Love & Junk~