Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Dairy Wife Wednesday..."Hot" Date Night!! WooHoo!

Just another "HOT" date on the dairy....with my husband...

checking water, fields and moving equipment!!
(I actually love these kind of nights...)

This field is alfalfa...planted in 2010.  Alfalfa usually is planted and can be harvested multiple times
 (6-8 cuttings) in the Central Valley.  Depending on the is usually harvested from
April - October.  Farmers usually allow 21-27 days between cuttings.

Here is a picture of a windrow pile of alfalfa....cut and raked into this pile.

Below is a picture of the rake...

the rake takes two windrows of alfalfa and puts them into one row.

Here is a picture of a pull behind chopper...and a wagon or hay van (green.)

This takes the raked windrow and cuts the alfalfa into 4-6 inch pieces and blows it up into the wagon.

The wagons are dumped and fed pretty much right away. 

Eat up girls!  Make that milk... 

Speaking of milk...grab a big, cold glass to go with this Fudgy Brownie recipe!!

Fudgy Brownies
Makes: 16 servingsServing size: 1  brownieYield: 16 brownies
Prep 20 minsCool 15 minsBake 350°F 30 mins


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