Friday, June 28, 2013

Best of June (WOW, the months are FLYING BY!)

Time flies when you're havin' fun!!

Woop Woop!

Yep, fun is painting a HOT room with NO window coverings in 100 degree weather.

Fun is having your project cut short because nap time is over.

Fun is LOVING the new color on the laundry room walls SO much...
that now, I MUST re-paint our bedroom and my office that color.

Yep...nuts, I am nuts!

Here is a little roundup of some of my favorite projects this month...

I'm gonna go out on a limb...and say this may be the best (and LEAST expensive)
room makeover I have done.  I LOVE my "new" bathroom!
You can read more about how this transformation cost less than $150 right here!

Click here to find out how I changed that pink tile into white...easy and cheap!

I have been busy painting and finishing up my new laundry room...
and haven't painted much furniture.  Back at it soon...

Have a great Friday...and a fun weekend!!

Love & Junk~


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