Thursday, April 4, 2013

This Ol' House Thursday...Home Improvement Goals for April

I think I will start something new around here...yep, change...I like change!

(Check out THIS POST on our bedroom see for yourself 
the amount of change that has taken place around here!)

 photo 9ae0c378-bb5e-405d-b01a-7ed4b6b684b1_zps83127b70.jpg

The first Thursday of each month, I will include goals for that month in my "This Ol' House Thursday" post.  Just to give you an idea of things I am working on around here...or, a better description...things I am working on in my head and going to convince my hubby can be done.  Most importantly...can be done on the cheap!  (Cause I like change..but, I like cheap!)

In the picture can see the tan carpet.  Done with the carpet.
SO DONE with the carpet.
We have a tile guy coming to help ME (yes, you read right!) get the tile floor put in.
Our room is the last room needing is just so much easier to keep clean out her in the dust bowl!

Another project on my "Wish List" is my laundry room.
To have one, that is!

Yep...our washer and dryer in in the garage.  My HUGE garage that will still be HUGE
even if we take some of it to make me a cute little washroom/mudroom.
Trying to create a plan for that and stay within our budget....

Below, are some ideas I have pinned on my Pinterest page...lots of ideas!

laundry room
Just a idea...the floor in there now is cement... that I may stain or paint.
LOVE that sink!
Cabinets are painted in Irish Countryside from Mythic.  Love this color and love this mudroom!

Wouldn't a built in locker area be nice?  I already have something keep costs down,
I think I will paint what I have (of course!) and use it.

This laundry room project if mine may not get completed this month...but, here is hoping and praying it at least gets started!!!

I hope you have a fabulous week!

Love & Junk~

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  1. The mirror above your bed is gorgeous. I love big mirrors with ornate frames, and yours suits your room well. Be sure to show us the new tile. :)


    1. Thank you, Meredith! I was actually having a good time last night checking out your blog...LOVE everything about it!!!

      Have a great evening!

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