Thursday, March 10, 2011

Sring Fling

I am in LOVE with this beautiful weather here...absolutely in love! Flea Markets, swap meets and yard sales are here!!!

What a way to spend a day...walk with my lovely little 2 year old girl, lunch on the patio then she is off to sweet little nappy land. Mommy (that's me) rushes around and finishes a paint job, packs a table for shipping and snaps pictures of this chalkboard before listing...all before (hopefully) before my sweet baby wakes up. Which is why every mom needs a reminder somewhere (okay, everywhere!) to people who insist on ringing the doorbell!!! "Shh...Sweet Baby Sleeping!!!" Check out my most recent chalkboard on my website

Just a normal day in my stay at home mommy life! Wait, I am not just "staying" at home...who else runs to the grocery store, post office, cleaners, Dr., dentist, does light yardwork...I am not "staying" anywhere, that is me doing all those things. But, I LOVE it!!! I wouldn't change living on a budget, checking out the new ways to save money, being home with my sweet baby, being able to make lunch for my dairy-farmer husband when he comes in, the tantrum throwing, the days when my ANGRY dairy-farmer husband farmer comes in for lunch, wondering how I am going to pay that bill...nope, still wouldn't change it for ANY paycheck in the world!!!

Life is good, spring is here! Check out my website for new pieces featuring some of my all time favorite spring colors...Robin Egg Blue, Sunny Antique Yelllow...and my new favorite Misty Morning Gray...inspired by my friend Misty!



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