Monday, April 22, 2013

Motivate Me Monday...Our First Fancy Flea Market...HUGE Success!!!

What a WONDERFUL time we had at our 1st of MANY Fancy Flea Markets...
thank you all for coming out!
 photo 4285a701-52c0-4b35-8952-15e638da0f03_zps0bdd734c.jpg

This is my mom, June - "the master junker, crafter, original up-cycler (before it was cool) and woman on the hunt for an antique" (on the right holding a basket) visiting with our friend, Carol.

 photo 5a4a3c0a-0669-48fd-8f1d-c6350d40ad98_zpsadcad473.jpg

This is my dad, Ron...he is the master body shop dude.  He has rebuilt cars and painted them...restoring hem to beautiful cars as long as I can remember.  Make no mistake... he is also a junker...he can find a "find" anywhere.  My dad just told me about his fabulous estate sale find today...amazing find!

 photo f3aff81d-faee-4eab-b818-c2c80e1e9eb7_zps1c064bd6.jpg

My parents will be married 40 YEARS this July...THAT, my friends is an accomplishment!
They have built a successful towing and body shop business, raised myself and my sister...
and would do anything for anybody.  I have been BEYOND BLESSED with FABULOUS parents!

 photo 23efe8f3-0218-4b42-8c3d-1a51f7aa799e_zpscf95a7c5.jpg

That is my sister, Jill...on the left..."Jillybean!"  It is kind of funny to call her "Jillybean" today when she is almost 29, married and a respected Labor & Delivery nurse.  Jillybean still fits!

 photo 424bd844-bc14-48cf-b4c1-15e84a06d226_zps35819ef5.jpg

This sweet little sales girl is my Natalie....our oldest girl of two...she is just the sweetest!

 photo 6ecdade9-5ae6-4c1d-8146-54cbb9367b53_zps1f0f998a.jpg

My dad built her this sweet little cart to sell juices, brownies and our Peanut Butter & Jelly Bars!
That entrepreneurial spirit is in her blood!!
 photo 4a23043f-a285-42fc-a6ea-3b9ec473e208_zps530cf799.jpg

If she can just keep her little sister Lauren, out of the profits!

 photo cc0f2631-89e7-4205-8326-6223329e8b56_zps11e0bac4.jpg

There's "Momo!"  That is what my girls call my mom..."Momo."  
Thanks Momo for opening up your shop for a FABULOUS 1st Fancy Flea Market!!!

 photo 5b258e74-9ae3-465c-ac8b-1b88fa1df2fd_zpsea47048b.jpg
Aren't these trunks cool?  That chandelier is one of my mom's fun finds!

 photo 324da871-df63-44d4-8398-53463cef3a9f_zpsdcf3e16f.jpg

My mom painted this chair with a mix of Annie Sloan Chalk Paint...and covered it in a beautiful fabric.
(That is my dad's boat in the background.)  Oh, we have a story about the FIRST time he took us all out in after he finished it.  We all teased him that we were going to SINK!!!  We lived...
 photo 51142699-7e83-4551-bdc6-52086161275a_zps1fa4c167.jpg
This is one of my dad's pallet creations...he makes potting benches, wine racks, decorative boxes, name it, he can make it!

 photo d889b613-b3a8-40f4-8049-5cf93b02a339_zps1bb6c529.jpg

I LOVE this hutch that my sister redid...almost brought it home with me!

 photo 49c10d74-c90e-4ed7-bfaa-2dbe331c5535_zps28f84a7c.jpg
More of our dad's tractor seat on a milk can.  This snuck out of here before I even saw it...or it would have come home with me FOR SURE!  Special order for dad!

 photo c003e3ea-44b9-43fa-8e5f-8cb920132755_zpse444af7f.jpg
Oh...that sneaky Lauren!  Little sister trying to swipe a PB & J bar again!
That is my sister's husband, Tomas next to Natalie.  We call him "Uncle Mas."
 photo 345e72b2-1a6c-4ad5-94ed-3ee95b063e4a_zps26da182d.jpg
There is my mom, June on the left with my little one Lauren.  Our dear family friend, Johnnie with her grandson Cash is on the right.  Johnnie has two sons, Cameron and Casey who I grew up with!

 photo f900116b-5980-4c03-86fa-8310617083c9_zpsac534c74.jpg
And Lauren strikes again!  Look at those brownies my sister made...mmmmmm!

 photo e6e13c5e-11bd-4d7a-8ec0-95f4dc0dd622_zpsf0fb254c.jpg
Lovin' this desk my sister painted...oh, and that pair of vintage lamps are so cool!
That is my turquoise funky chair on right.

 photo bfd891fd-fd4a-45f0-9ecd-55b4edfc33c3_zps7c8fe5d9.jpg

This sweet farmhouse pedestal set was purchase by a sweet, young girl.  This young lady is in law school and is waiting to move into her first home!  She said it was just what she was looking for...
 I LOVE stories like that!

We had such a WONDERFUL day...full of fun, family and friends - new and old!  My mom, dad, sister and I will DEFINITELY be doing this again in the fall for sure!  We are thinking about an October date...I will keep you posted for sure!  
I hope you all have a great week...I am off to prepare for Flair on the Farm in Salinas this Saturday!

Love & Junk~




  1. So glad all went so well Julie! Now rest and recover lady!
    Thanks for sharing!!

    1. Oh, we had such a FUN time!! We are doing one in the fal. for sure. Not much resting this week...I never do back to back shows, but I have one again this Saturday!

      Thank you!!


  2. Yay! So happy it went so well for you!

  3. Oh my goodness, Natalie with the cute bow, I will totally buy some treats from you!! Julie, your parents are so cute (and hardworking), and your dad reminds me of the Orange County? Choppers guy. It looks like he has a good sense of humor about him, too. :) Everything looks wonderful. I would have bought lots of your goodies.


    1. Thank you, Meredith! Yep, hardworking parents...for sure! My dad actually does have a Harley...not an OC Chopper, but a very cool old Police Harley.

      We had such a wonderful time...excited to do it again! Thanks for stopping by :)


  4. Hi Julie! I have Nominated You for a Liebster Award!!