Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Dairy Wife Wednesday...Painting, Sewing and Shooting Pics...Oh My!

It has been a BUSY few weeks around here.  Our Fancy Flea Market was last Friday and Saturday...and this Saturday I am headed to Salinas, CA (a couple hours away) for another show.
I have never done back to back is a bit exhausting!

As I was frantically finishing up furniture, cleaning display pieces and loading furniture last week...
I noticed this sweet helper in the background.  She is "quality control" here at The Vintage Barn!

 photo 758008b6-9a9f-4ac2-b7bb-4947e183ef4d_zps05d1bc85.jpg

Cows are SO curious!  This is in our driveway...I TOLD you I lived smack dab in the middle of the dairy!

That is my sweet little friend bought if for her daughter's room.
They will be moving soon...and I told her I wanted to see a picture of it in her room!

I am NOT a professional photographer...not EVEN close!
BUT, I ABSOLUTELY LOVE this picture!!!
 photo 0576a8f6-b237-436e-b6ee-754656665527_zps66145ec6.jpg
I snapped this via my door mirror...and caught Natalie with a cute smile.  Warms my heart!
We were driving around the dairy the other day..just "checking on things" as Nat calls it.  I grabbed
my camera...and was practicing with it.

I know Natalie is not in her car seat...but, don't worry...we were in the "feed lane"  NOT the "fast lane!"

I hope you are having a wonderful week!!!

Love & Junk~



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