Thursday, April 18, 2013

This Ol' House Thursday...Loading My Rig For Our FANCY FLEA MARKET!!!

I have been buried in the garage the last couple of days putting finishing touches 
on all of my furniture finds.

This morning, my girls and I got to go to our zoo with Natalie's preschool FUN!
Both girls were wiped out and are taking great, I set out and started loading my stuff!!
Our Flea Market starts TOMORROW!!!  

There is ALWAYS time for one last project, right?
I think I may go cuckoo.

Oh, and my husband's birthday is today.
Can I squeeze anything else on my plate?

Our oldest wanted to make daddy a "Jack Sparrow" cake...she is really into the Pirates now.
(Notice I didn't show you a fabulous photo of our cake...
yeah, she was thrilled with blue frosting and a pirate flag...that was it!)
Oh, and birthday dinner with the in!

Come back tomorrow for pictures of my display...and all the goods my mom and sis have!!

Not sure I will sleep tonight!

Love and Junk,

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