Thursday, March 28, 2013

This Ol House Thursday...Room Redo (AGAIN) Part 2!

If you don't know by now...I like change.

I LOVE moving furniture just makes me feel like I have a new room.  

New layout = New room = Happy Wife 
No $$ (or at least very little!) spent = Happy Husband

So, here is a little bit more of our master bedroom redo (AGAIN!)
If you are wondering why I say HERE .

Here is what our bedroom looked like...oh, last Spring.  (Around April/May 2012)

Nothing really wrong with the room...just black and white, more white and black...and that was it.

Here is what the room looked like last August/September 2012...I got a wild cowgirl/gypsy vibe 
and went with it.

Funkyroom1 photo Funkyroom1_zpsf6948c60.jpg

Yep...that was fun...but, I was ready to soften things up and make it somewhat
of romantic, airy and flowy (is that a word?) room.

So, off white tones danced in my head...isn't that what every mother of a 4 year old and 1 year old imagines first off?? Crazy...oh, can be washed!

Okay...and now, it looks like this...
 photo 9ae0c378-bb5e-405d-b01a-7ed4b6b684b1_zps83127b70.jpg

This armoir of mine has been black, turquoise and now this creamy white.   photo 49cf9ea5-4fa9-4013-a8b1-e0cb4ede917a_zps326a7925.jpg

 photo a0c2b8d2-f27b-47cb-95b6-f10c5444f4f4_zps7f9e63df.jpg
I LOVE how the black and turquoise are peeking through the distressing. was all in my plan!  HA!

 photo 22f21145-b8e6-464a-af28-ab8f62e19f24_zps02cfa404.jpg
Remember last week when I said I was going to think about the color/fabric I would choose
 for my pillow covers I was going to sew?  Um...yah right!
 I grabbed some I already had sewn and used those.

 photo 0753f514-229a-46d0-a0e5-431f76d5249a_zps72fbf6e0.jpg
I didn't buy anything new for this room except or this gray-blue throw for our bed.
The girls and I were dinging around in Marshalls last Friday afternoon for $20...
and that darn throw jumped in our cart!

My sweet little chair is not quite done yet...still waiting on my upholstery cording to come in the mail.  As soon as ut is done...I will post pics.  Here is a rough picture of my $5 yard sale chair...

Photo: Not at ALL perfect...but not bad for my 1st full reupholstering/refurbish job! Waiting for the upholstery cord to get here and I will finish her off!
Don't look too will see the staples!  Almost done!
I just couldn't wait to share...better pictures coming.

Now, that I am somewhat done (not that much work at all to switch things up) my husband has decided it's time to tear the carpet out.  Yep, after almost 3 years of the tile sitting in our garage...we better remove the carpet from our room (carpet, in the dust bowl we live in is icky!) and get the tile in before he gets too busy this summer.
Okay...this means I get to go rug shopping!!!

Have a great rest of your week...I am completing furniture pieces everyday for our Fancy Flea Market!!
Click HERE for the details about our Flea won't want to miss it!

Love & Junk~

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  1. Love it - great job :) HAppy Easter

  2. Thank you, LuAnn! Happy Easter to you, too!!


  3. Julie, what a lovely bedroom! I love seeing the different stages. I think this last one is my favorite. Thanks for sharing at Silver Pennies Sundays!

    1. I actually followed your blog awhile ago...LOVE your stuff!!

      Have a nice Easter!

  4. Your makeovers are great, especially the armoire. I love how the different colors show through.

    My husband is still trying to understand why I change things up so often. I have several different duvet covers that I switch out.

    He's going to be shaking his head this weekend when he comes home from the Farmer's Market and our guest room sofa is blue & white striped instead of red corduroy. I think he has forgotten that blue & white were the original slipcovers.

    1. I love it...keeping husbands on their toes is fun!