Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Dairy Wife Wednesday...CA Cheese Pairing? Get the App!

I LOVE cheese.

I LOVE wine.

I LOVE cheese and wine together...for dinner...that's it.  Nothing else.  

This time of year it is starting to get a little warmer and the afternoons and evenings are so nice. help you do a little cheese pairing, the California Milk Advisory Board has created a mobile tool that makes it easy for you to pair your favorite cheeses with beer and wine. 

 Go to the app store and search "Pair Savvy" and download the FREE app!

  I think I mentioned my favorite right now is the Pinot Grigio from Alyson's winery, Chateau Lasgoity. 

This is Alyson (my hubby's sister) she is the winemaker's wife and runs all wine tastings and events.  Check out their website for beautiful picture of their over 100 year old home, four beautiful children and historic vineyard.

Chateau Lasgoity Winery pair this fabulous wine up I used my app and will be having this:

CA White Cheddar with Apples


St. Jorge Cheese with Quince and Toasted Walnuts

Or...maybe both...and then for dessert???

Don't you just love these wine bags...

These bags are hand made by me...and available in my Etsy shop.

Click HERE to Buy the Wine Bag!

I love this app...and hope you will, too!  You can find more recipes, coupons and real stories of        CA Dairy farming families at Real California Milk .

I hope you are having a wonderful week!

Love & Junk~


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