Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Wine ...Anyone???

Funny day around here...I am sure for you, too!  Let me just is really nice to have a sister in law that has a winery (super close) on days like today!  I am enjoyng a class of some of the BEST Pinot Grigio...and unwinding...hopefully you are, too!

I am working on some cute winesacks for the upcoming wine trail weekend. I LOVE taking my handmade pillows, runners and vintage furniture out to my her winery on those weekends...such fun people! I also like helping pour wine...people watching is GREAT! One sip for you..two for me!! Ha...just kidding! (Not really!)
I am pretty excited about my new fabric tags!!! They add a little bit more of me to my stuff. I am still just one girl...working hard during those hours our oldest is at preschool and the baby naps...but this is all part of my dream!
The only thing I would add to that last to have faith in God! Love & Junk~ Julie

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