Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Room Mini-Makeover...on the CHEAP!

I happen to like change. I am constantly moving furiture, pictures and even enjoy a quick seasonal wall "spruce-it-up" paint job! (My husband says he soesn't care what I paint as long as he doesn't have to help...he has zero tolerance for painting!) Funkyroom1 photo Funkyroom1_zpsf6948c60.jpg It really all started with that old armoir you see in the corner. It was black. I LOVE distressed black furniture...but, yep...needed a change. Something about our bedroom was bugging me. The boring...tan walls? The black furniture? The black and white paisley duvet cover? Not sure what it was but, I had a can of turquoise paint and a brush handy. Both girls were napping...I work best when our girls (4 & 1...yep, I am busy) are napping. I went for it...black armoir turned turquoise. LOVE IT! Well, that led to a wall color change...a deeper chocolate brown. I waited for my Behr paint to go on sale at Home Depot...savings! PotteryBarnBedding photo PotteryBarnBedding_zps3cee6b57.jpg That led to me wanting to change our bedding. Uh oh..put on the brakes! Not wanting to spend too much money (or ANY at all) I "shopped" on our local Facebook Yard Sale page. I ended up finding bedding that I LOVED and it was from a dear childhood friend, Sonia Blomgren. The bedding had the turquoise, brown and browny-reds I wanted. I had a coffee table in my Etsy shop that she wanted...TRADE! Perfect...no money spent and I got Pottery Barn bedding that was just like new! I even dug up a beautiful handmade quilt to toss over our bed...the beautiful rich brown color on the wall was the base of this blanket...perfct! Another fabulous find on that Facebook Yard Sale page was the antique high back chair you see. I bought that for a whopping $25!!! I bought it with the intent to resell it, brought it home and said no way...that is MINE! Right now I have thrown a small cow hide over the seat...someday I will reupholster the whole thing in cowhide. That is a project for another day... As for now, I am keeping my projects simple and expenses MINIMAL! You can, too. Shop your own house...look in cupboards, closets...and even steal something from another room. Giving something a new spot in your home...will give everything a new feel! I have more projects coming...stay tuned! Love & Junk~ Julie www.thevintagebarn.etsy.com www.facebook.com/thevintagebarn

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