Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Transformation Tuesday...The Nightstand on His Side

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Okay...so, this is the second part of the nightstand makeover in our room.  Remember...the new armoir paint meant the walls needed a new color, which meant we needed new (traded a friend) bedding...which meant my black nightstands did NOT match!

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I first put a quick coat of Annie Sloan Old White...yes, I am painting this right in our room.  This is a small project...I have a towel underneath and this paint is really easy to work with and not messy.  I turned our ceiling fan on full blast and shut the door.

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I came back to it a few hours later...during nap time.  remember these nightstands were black...so, I thought if I put some Annie Sloan Paris Grey that would make for a really rich color layering when distressed.  Speaking of distressing...remember, do it in natural worn places for an authentic look.  I simply wet a clean rag with warm water and distress away!

wax_zpscaac5990 photo wax_zpscaac5990-1_zps96ab44b2.jpg

A quick coat of Annie Sloan Clear Wax with a clean rag (I do not have an expensive wax brush...works  for me!)  Let that dry...oh, at least 30 minutes or longer and then come back with another CLEAN rag and buff it.  Work the wax in REALLY WELL!  I invested in a hand buffer...plug it in and go!

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See the shine??  LOVE it!  That is my copy of Miss Mustard Seed's book "Inspired You."  I am almost done with it...LOVE that, too!  Yep, that is us on our wedding day...time flies when you are having fun!!  LOVE him, too!

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Remember me saying the layering of Old White...and then Paris Grey all on top of the original black would give it a rustic look?  I think it gives it ...um, a manly look?  Perfect for my husband's side of the bed.

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Not a HUGE transformation today.  Who has time for huge transformations all the time...remember, start small.  I have so many little projects to get going on.  One day at a time.....

Love & Junk~

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