Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Transformation Tuesday....Poof! Gone with the ugly brown curtains!

Okay...so, here is a quick drop cloth curtain tutorial (if you can even call it that?!?)  

 I have mentioned that I am DESPERATELY wanting to lighten up (in more ways than one...personally, too!)  our home.  We live in a really cool...ranch style home...with a barn wood brown ceiling (see below.)  Our brown leather couches, cow hides and dark brick are some of my favorite things about our home.   But....Spring is almost here and I am really want to decorate with whites/ecru and apple green!

Brown door, brown ceiling, brown curtains (ick, really Julie?)  Are you feeling my desperation???

This is JUST the start to the makeover on this room...here is the finished product on the curtain panels.

A little burlap loop at the top...for a shabby rustic way to hold them up!

I started with a clean, pressed wheat color drop cloth...yep, just from the hardware store.  Look at it for a second...and let the hemmed edges work for you!  I let those hang on the bottom...so, my curtains were finished for me!

Next, I pinned them to my brown curtains I had.  Yep, I put those to work for me, too!  The brown panel will serve as a "black out" and make these curtains darken the room more (we get a TON of hot summer heat from that BIG window!)  I folded the edges in, and that will serve as my hem (remember, my baby is napping and the oldest is working with dad...this HAD to be FAST!)  I left the brown loops at the top...you will see how we "doctor" those later...

I really just placed the drop cloth over the brown panel, folding in all edges...and started sewing those edges together.  I told you this was easy!

Back to the brown loop thingy's....okay...I just grabbed some burlap ribbon I had and placed it right over the brown loop...and sewed that on.  I left my burlap edges rough and frayed... I like the rustic, not perfect feel...

My ribbon was wider than the original brown loop...just gather it and sew it down.

Right over the brown loop...leaving that brown loop to actually be what the curtain will hang from is  better...because the weight of this panel now is much too heavy for that burlap alone.

That's it...quick, simple and the brown is gone!  I am finishing up the curtains on the sliding glass door, painting some brown and black furniture in the room...and will have more pictures later!

Have a FABULOUS week!!!

Love & Junk~

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  1. Your curtains turned out so nice. I love the texture of drop cloth fabric and use it all the time. Love that you added the burlap to the top for a nice rustic look. Very pretty!
    Have a Nice Day,

    1. Thank you, Suzanne! I love the texture as well...and the blank "canvas" to decorate around the room.

      Thanks for stopping by!