Monday, November 19, 2012

Up and at 'em! Laundry going, checkbooks balanced and I am going to share with you some fun things I have been working on before our girls get up.
"Necessity is the mother of invention." So true in so many ways in my life. I wanted to be a stay at home mommy and raise our, I started selling some of the furniture I refinished and buying more. Thus, The Vintage Barn was born. Another example...I love decorating and swapping out my living room décor for the season. Well, purchasing pillows was starting to add up. They can be so expensive (and poorly made.)
So, I took one sewing class with a friend of mine and was hooked. My mom came over to help me navigate my way around my machine. I was a total rookie...still am, just making things that look a bit better now. I was only making pillows for myself, I had just repainted our room a deep, rich chocolate brown and wanted new pillows on our bed. Done. Then another girlfriend of mine asked me to make some similar for her. Done. I thought, "I already have an Etsy shop. Pillows are MUCH easier to ship than furniture." So, it was a no brainer. I haul my furniture with me to my local shows and just sell it locally. No more late nights in the garage with my husband trying to box/crate a vanity to ship to Florida! (Nightmare!) I bought an authentic French Grain Sack a while ago. Learning all about the different stripes/patterns/colors and how they represent the various farmers. Much like a brand on cows. The two gentlemen were very nice that my mom and I bought the sacks from...they went on to tell us more about really looking at the way the bag was sewn will tell you if it is French, German or Austrian. Very neat!
So, I came home and started making some grain sack inspired pillows...LOVE THEM!!! I have even gotten into the Christmas spirit with them and made some red ones. Most of the pillows have a canvas front and back, some have a vintage inspired ticking stripe fabric on the back. Just so simple...yet, so cool!
This last one is a grain sack wine sack...perfect holiday party hostess gift!!! Have a FABULOUS and junk, Julie

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